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Start > Products > Podpaski > anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
  • anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
  • anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
  • anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
  • anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
  • anion sanitary napkin with negative ion
  • anion sanitary napkin with negative ion

anion sanitary napkin with negative ion

Opis Product

Degradable functional anion sanitary napkin for lady

Product Description

1.Product description

Day use Female Discontinuous


Brand Name:

Available for GloryGirl/OUI OUI/private label


240 mm / 260mm / 280mm / 320mm / 350mm / 410mm


Super soft non - woven ,100-150ml of absorption

Color of pad

White, or other customized color




Zip lock bag, Deluxe aluminum foil bag, Paper box


10 pads X 48 bags per carton


10000-30,000 bags


6.5g approximate/pcs



Inner packing:

PE or non woven or complex


Anion/bamboo charcoal/ Herb extract


(1) 230/240/245/260/270/280/300/320 /350 /410  mm long with wings,

(2) For day/night time use  


(4) Organic cotton/non woven softer than cotton, silky touch surface can be customized 

(5) More than 700 penetration holes, super screw 

(6) Absorb and lock the flow in ONE secon 

(7) 80ml-120ml of super absorbency guarantees protection for long day and heavy flow. 

(8) 1300 backsheet ventilation holes, moisture and odor controlled completely. 

(9) Perfect body fit, finite being kept on the panty without any side leakage. 


Anion sanitary pads



Top sheet








Perforated Non woven








Perforated Non woven








Perforated Non woven







Advantage of our wellness pads

1. Sanitary pads Anion chip with far infra red and herb extracts

The high density of anion (>6300pics/cm3) emit free oxygen that destroys pathogens to prevent gynecological infections, balance the PH value, regulate the period circulation and improve body immunity.

2. Sanitary pad with Airlaid protective layer

Strong penetration and high absorption prevent leakage in all ways.Meanwhile it also prevents the pad twisted even after active movement.

3 . Sanitary Deposit

Could quickly absorb the heavy flow in ONE second and keep the top sheet dry and clean immediately, which also prevent leakage completely even doing sports.

4. Sanitray pads with a irlaid protective layer

Double protection away from leakage. No matter how heavy flow the girl has.

5.Sanitary napkin with Breathable backing sheet

The breathable backing sheet works together with the perforated cotton surface, enhanced expelling the dampness and odor, which can keep girls fresh and comfortable in a whole day even in hot summer.

6 . Sanitary pads with Strong adhesive

Strong adhesive in food grade with flex wings on the back sheet makes the pad firm stay in the place.

7 . Sanitary Napkin with Release Paper

Strong protection of breathable adhesive on the back sheet. It helps the pad breath better.

Individually Wrapped

Each female disposable hygiene products is individually wrapped for purpose of hygiene and storage.

Packaging & Shipping

2.Packaging and Shipping

(1) Many options available for Packaing (sanitary napkin with anion)

We have different options of packaging for anion sanitary napkin and anion panty liner.

(1) Zip Lock Bag
It is a bag with a zip lock. The bag can be re-zipped after take one pad out of the bag. Zip lock bag is a good option if girls want to keep pads away from moisture and be hygienic in all times.

(2) Aluminum Foil Bag
Aluminium bag is a food grade bag. It comes with an easy quick seal sticker. Girls can put the sticker back after take one pad out. Fantastic looking of the package displayed on the shelf may easily cause eye catching. It is a good option to keep pads away from moisture and be hygienic in all times.

(3) Paper box
Paper box is a packaging 100% recycle. Environmental sustainability has become more important in now days. It is a good option for buyers who always focus on protecting our environment. Paper box can be with different shape and structure catering to It is also a good option for buyers who want to change designs often as paper box does not require any plate or mould charge.

(4) Normal PE bag
It is a cost-effective plastic bag. It is common globally

Our Services

3.Our Services and Products

(1). Sanitary napkin: 180~410mm long cotton / dry weave / ultra thin / regular / maxi / winged / wingless / functional chips / scented
(2). Panty liner:
140~180mm long cotton / dry weave /T-shape /black liners / scanty ultra thin / fluff pulp / scented
(3). Tampon: Applicator / digital, available in mini / regular / super size
(4). Sweat pads, sweat liners, shoe liners

(5) Free samples of Water proof Sanitary pads , panty liner available

Company Information
Company Briefs

(1) Variety of Products

We provide not only different sizes sanitary napkins, panty liners, tampon, sweat pads, shoe pads, ect . but also various shapes of pads for your options. ODM and OEM are warmly welcomed here, u can just tell us what u want and we Will provide various choices to make u satisfied.

(2) Rich Experiences

We have been doing feminine hygiene products for 28 years in China. And we are very mature not only on equipments but also on our professional service. We can meet any of your requests efficiently and promptly. ODM&OEM warmly welcomed!!

(3) A Professional Team of Designer

We don't only have a great team of sales, merchandisers, shipping specialists, sale service, but also a professional team of designer. We can provide you different style design, with packaging, logo and could also help you to make the marketing strategy Give us an idea, then we will give you thousands of choices instead.

(4) Perfect service before and after sale

We provide a very professional service during the whole process we doing business. We do not only have a professional group of sales, merchandisers, shipping specialists, QC and sales services who can offer a whole professional service, but also have a team for design. The sales team will contact with u and satisfy our honor customer's needs directly. Then the merchandiser team will take the responsibility of following the orders. And the shipping specialists will handle the whole process of delivery. Of course the sales` service is in charge of The matters after sale. Our division of labor is very clear, and everyone is devote to give the best service to every of our honor customers. What you need to do is, place the order and provide your request, then we will finish all those Other work for you.

Our Certifications



(1) Do you have more products available other than sanitary napkin, Water proof Sanitary pads and panty liner?

Yes, we do.

Applicator tampon digital tampon

Underarm sweat pads armpit sweat pads

Panty Liner

(2) Do you take small order?

Yes,we do.We are having ready stock of waterproof sanitary pads,sanitary napkin and panty liner,tampon
available now.

(3) Visit of factory?

Yes, we warmly welcome a visit of our factory anytime.

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